BB Sig Sauer Co2 Gas Gun Guerrilla Snorre 4.5Mm Sp2022


What’s in the box
Gun, Allen Key, 100BBs, Manual

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Guerrilla Snorre – 4.5Mm Bb – Co2 – Co2 Bb Gas Gun
Sig Sauer Sp2022

The Guerrilla Snorre Has A 23 Bb Drop Down Magazine And Comes Standard With A Easy-Loading System That Makes It Quicker To Load Your Airgun. Its Static Metal Slide Gives The Airgun An Edge And Allow More Shots Per 12G Co2 Canister And A High Velocity Of 520 Fps. The Comfortable Grip And Accessories Rail For Laser Sights Is A Great Finish To This Awesome Air Pistol.

– High Grade Bb Gun
– Non-Blowback.
– Operated By 12G Co2 Cartridge.
– Steel Bb 4.5Mm (.177)
– Semi-Auto
– Fixed Sights
– Metal Slide
– Dropdown Mag 23 Capacity

– Caliber 4.5Mm
– Mag Capacity 23
– Sights Fixed
– Max Energy 1.75 Joules
– Weight 600G
– Velocity 394-520 Fps
– Power Source 12G Co2
– Action Steel/Static
– Total Length 186Mm

“Please note:
– This product may be dangerous if used incorrectly
– Do not aim at eyes or face”



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